Real Estate & Zoning +

We have extensive experience assisting property owners, landlords and tenants in a range of real estate and zoning matters, including the following:

  • residential real estate leases, sales and purchases
  • commercial leasing and other commercial real estate transactions
  • zoning and land use disputes
  • real estate development
  • landlord / tenant issues
  • real estate investment plans and transactions

We advise our clients to have real estate contracts reviewed prior to their signing the contracts. The review is to ensure that their rights are protected and that they fully understand all provisions of the contracts. We help investors, sellers, and purchasers negotiate more favorable terms regarding new construction contracts. Builders' contracts tend to lead to one-sided deals if purchasers and investors do not bring the advantage of their own legal counsel to the table.

Our family has handled all aspects of zoning and development, including variances, subdivision, and land development and has done so for nearly five decades. We have performed services for and represented a township zoning hearing board for twenty years, while engaging in zoning work before zoning boards in Montgomery and Bucks Counties. We have also performed land planning and real estate services for developers and for individual home owners.