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Jane and Reginald Smith: composite clients show our range of services

1962. Reginald and Jane Smith seek the help of Semisch Law with a real estate transaction: they buy a local tavern.

1964. Little Michael Smith is born. Semisch Law helps Reginald and Jane write a new will.

1965. The tavern is doing good business. Reginald and Jane decide to incorporate. Semisch Law handles all the legal work.

1970. The tavern is doing so well, the Smiths want to expand the building. They face some zoning issues, which Semisch Law helps them resolve.

1971-1977. Reginald develops a lead foot and receives a number of traffic tickets for speeding. Semisch Law represents him in court, helping him to minimize the damage.

1980. Jane's mother, Abigail, takes a turn for the worse. Semisch Law helps Abigail think through her options. She goes into Assisted Living with financial counseling from Semisch Law, a durable power of attorney, a living will, and all her affairs in order.

Later in 1980. Little Michael now has his driver's license and, like his dad, a lead foot. Once again, Semisch Law is in traffic court to help Mike keep his license.

1981. Mike starts hanging around with a wild crowd. One night, under the influence, they trespass at the Country Club, “borrow” some golf carts, and tear up the turf. Local authorities are not amused. Semisch Law counsels Mike on how to make amends as well as representing him in District Court.

1985. Abigail passes away. Semisch Law sees to all her wishes, including taking her cat, Big Boy, on his last ride to the vet, for the final journey. The will is probated without delay.

1986. Mike, falling not far from the tree, starts his own business. Semisch Law helps him to comply with all regulations.

1990. Mike's business has not thrived. Semisch Law helps him review his financial issues.

1992. Mike's business fails. Semisch Law files for bankruptcy on his behalf.

1995. Mike meets Jennifer, an heiress to a plant breeding fortune. Jennifer's father insists on a pre-nup. Semisch Law sees to it that Mike's interests are represented.

1996. Mike and Jennifer greet baby Natasha. Semisch Law redraws their will.

1997. Reginald and Jane are hit by an uninsured driver. They sustain some serious injuries. Semisch Law represents them in a lawsuit against their own carrier for uninsured coverage. Reginald's and Jane's physical therapy and medical bills are fully reimbursed.

Later in 1997. Mike and Jennifer discover that it's just not working anymore and decide to separate. Semisch Law helps them fairly distribute their property, follow the terms of the pre-nup, and arrange custody of little Natasha.

2000. Reginald and Jane decide to retire. Semisch Law helps them decide whether to sell the business to Mike, and if so on what terms, or to someone else. Once again, wills need redrawing, assets need protection, living wills need updating, estates need planning, etc.

For decades, through joy and sorrow, Semisch Law has helped Reginald, Jane, and Mike navigate the turgid waters of the law. No matter what life has thrown their way, the Smiths have counted on Semisch Law to handle their business with skill and integrity.