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Estate Horror Story #1: The executor who won’t get it done.

Suppose your sibling is named executor of your parent’s will. It’s been 3 years since your parent passed away and still the real estate is unsold, the funds are unaccounted for, the furniture is undistributed, and the car still sits in the driveway (or is being driven somewhat recklessly by your nephew, the son of your executor sibling)—and your sibling won’t return emails or pick up the phone. What to do?

Give us a call. It’s time to file a petition with the Orphans’ Court to force the completion of the administration of the estate.

If that doesn’t work, we file to have your sibling removed as executor and someone else, who can get the job done, appointed in his or her place. In our experience, even a firm letter, on our letterhead, notifying the sibling of your intent to file can do wonders to move things along.

A simple estate should be substantially completed in six to twelve months, longer if there is real estate that is difficult to sell. If your parent’s estate has dragged out for a year and a half, you should wonder why: and inquire through your family’s lawyer.

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