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Sell your house yourself? Doable, with help.

Real estate agents charge a 5-6% commission to sell your house. If your house is worth $350,000, that will come to between $17,500 and $21,000—not chump change. What they do for that money:

  • Advise you on the proper sale price
  • Help to stage your house, making it look attractive to buyers
  • List your house in the Multiple Listing Service and
  • Meet potential buyers at your house to show it
    (sometimes) hold an open house when casual lookers can go through your house to see if they are interested
  • represent you at closing

If you are motivated, you may be able to do much of this yourself. It will take time and attention to detail. You can get your house listed in the MLS and for a flat fee and you can meet potential buyers and show the property yourself. It helps to be objective and have a thick skin if they don’t like it.

Semisch Law can help you save that money in all of the following ways:

  • We can provide you with the documents you need including agreements of sale and seller disclosure forms
  • We can oversee any offers you receive and responding appropriately according to your best interests
  • We can represent you at closing to be sure all is handled expeditiously and according to the contract

We’ve had personal experience selling our house ourselves and our clients, saving us and them tens of thousands of dollars. We can help you do the same.

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